It's one of the most requested franchises we'd like to see in Tri-Cities and it's finally getting closer and closer to the Tri-Cities.

My wife is from Salem/Keizer so thanks to her, I'm familiar with the new location that the iconic burger joint is opening up at.

It's a new In-N-Out burger location that has finally broken ground along the I-5 corridor at Keizer Station. It's about 30 minutes down from Portland right along I-5.

I'm hoping this means further advancement into Oregon and finally into Washington. Oregon is a new state and market for the company that primarily is California-based but has recently starting expanding into other states.

The company already has locations in Grants Pass and Medford with Keizer being the third and hopefully that will help launch In-N-Out into Portland next.

It might be awhile before they get to Washington but it seems they are expanding at a rapid rate which could mean a Tri-Cities reality isn't too far-fetched - we just have to keep wishing and hoping and until then, you can always road trip to the nearest one!

You can get more details on the In-N-Out expansion here.

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