Gov. Inslee announced a slew of changes for the state Thursday afternoon during his press conference.

Effective March 22, all counties will be eligible and moving to Phase 3.  From now on, 2 metrics will be used on a county by county basis.

They are 1) new COVID Cases per 1,000 of population and 2) new COVID hospital cases.

The changes coming March 22 include, but not limited to:

  • Gyms, fitness centers, restaurants, bars, theaters, etc. will move to 50% capacity
  • outdoor and indoor large events can now go up to 400 people, including graduations and concerts.
  • Up to 9,000 fans will be allowed to attend Mariner's season opener in Seattle, applies to other professional sports--related.
  • expanded crowds for high school sports, also rodeos and stock car-auto racintg events will increase.
  • There will be a series of requirements, including mask use, that will accompany these new openings.

Specifically, according to Inslee's office, per data released while press conference was going on:

"Sports guidance will change in Phase 3 to allow in-person spectators at events for the first time in a year. Spectators will be allowed to attend outdoor venues with permanent seating with capacity capped at 25%. The change effects both professional and high school sports, as well as motorsports, rodeos, and other outdoor spectator events. Social distancing and facial covering are still required."

Inslee also said there will be a number of 'speeded up' procedures for people still waiting to get the vaccine. According to additional information released by his office while the press conference was happening:

"Additionally, the governor announced that starting Wednesday, March 17, everyone in Tier 2 will be eligible for their COVID vaccine. This includes workers in agriculture, food processing, grocery stores, public transit, firefighters and law enforcement, among others. Tier 2 also includes people over the age of 16 who are pregnant or have a disability that puts them at high-risk."

He did not elaborate greatly, but it appears we are now back to county by county as opposed to the 8 regions. Evaluations will be done every 3 weeks, starting April 12.

 Additionally, new guidelines for opening up more fans for youth sports, those guidelines will go into effect March 18th. That applies to youth football, baseball, soccer, softball etc. etc. 

And since many of these events might require mask use, and if you don't have contacts, try this to keep from fogging up.


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