Gov. Inslee laid out the 'relaxation' for "religious services" for churches in counties that are in Phase 1 or Phase 2 Wednesday afternoon.

Gov. Inslee referred to churches and faith as "way of the faith," he also said at the outset that many Washin' tonians "treasure religious gatherings."

The three religious experts he presented during his conference included 1st, a Muslim leader from Puget Sound, a Jewish Rabbi and an Archbishop from the Lutheran Church.  All 3 of them toed his company line about the need to follow Inslee's directives.

Inslee said for Phase 2 Churches there can be limited indoor services, but no choirs because, as his explanation tried to say, the louder we project our voices the further COVID can be spread---according to his science.  For Phase 1 churches, such as Benton Franklin County, outdoor social distancing services can be done multiple times during the day.

The rest of his "guidance" consisted of the same copy and paste from other areas. In fact, if you study closely, the 'guidelines' for every industry or sector that has been opened up are essentially the exact same requirements.

Inslee also raised eyebrows when he said they are encouraging churches to keep a "voluntary" list of all attendees in case there's a "breakout" like one that supposedly happened in Skagit County...but he didn't reference when.

He did not address in any way shape or form the recent ESD disaster with millions of dollars going to the Nigerian fraud scheme, nor did he address his Sunday meltdown on Q13 Fox about his desire to use COVID as an opportunity to install green programs and tactics.

He also said not every county will be able to move forward to Phase 2 on June 1st. more details about that in the coming days.

He makes that remark about the voluntary lists around the 12:02 part. To watch his press conference for yourself, click on the button below.

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