After moving indoors due to a small but very vocal group of protesters outside at CBC, Gov. Inslee offered very little of meaty substance about re opening business in our area.

Inslee basically said the more people who wear masks, the lower case and infection numbers which lead to more businesses re opening. The group appeared to be between 12-15 persons total, just about outnumbering the number of media present.

The group of protesters consistently shouted him down to the point where it was moved indoors, and only credentialed media allowed inside.

Inslee claimed the rates of infection have gone up sixfold in Franklin and fivefold in Benton Counties.  He also said our areas has been "grievously affected" by COVID business wise, he also said the leaders he met with had a "unity of purpose" when it came to re opening or moving up a phase.

However the bulk of his Q and A was confined to wearing of masks. Health Secretary Jon Wiesman was there but did not speak. The most notable event really, were the protesters. Inslee did say about the vocal group who showed up with Culp, Eyman and Trump signs "no one voted for them," instead referring to area leaders who he says are on board with his ideas.

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