Jason Rantz, who does the afternoon show on AM 770 KTTH in Seattle (and has been a frequent guest on Fox News and Tucker Carlson) is reporting it appears the much desired debate between Gov. Jay Inslee and GOP Challenger Loren Culp is 'dead,' or at least cancelled.

Why?  Because Inslee refuses to be in the same room with Culp. The Washington State Debate Coalition (WSDC) has worked hard to get them together, but Culp and the GOP drew the line on one important issue: they want both candidates "face to face" so to speak, in the same room...even if socially distanced.

Rantz echoes what critics are already saying, it appears Inslee is ducking. Early on, Inslee wanted to do his part from his home, appearing to keep in line with his COVID stance. However, that went out the window especially recently when he held a large series of in person meetings and press conferences concerning wildfires in our state.

It was suggested by the WSDC that they both appear from adjoining rooms at the TVW Studios in Olympia (TVW is the C-SPAN of WA state) but Culp balked at that.

Since Day One, Culp has taken a bulldozer like straight ahead face to face approach when it comes to issues, including the debate topic. The Culp campaign agreed to an even larger social distance space beyond six feet, even ten or 15 feet. Anything more makes camera angles difficult.

But Inslee refuses to debate in the same room, so the WSDC says it appears the debate is off. Culp's campaign said the in person plan was "non-negotiable."

Earlier media reports slammed Inslee for wanting to do his part from his home, because his "handlers" could be just off camera, feeding him answers and information for the event. Culp obviously wants an in person event, because that way there's no way to "hide" or use smoke and mirrors. You're out there, on your own.

Rantz tweeted this comment Tuesday, from his Twitter account (Via KTTH AM Radio):

"I’m now told there will be NO debates, period, as Inslee refuses to be in the same room with Culp. This is... pathetic. Inslee has been meeting with people for the last week. But he can’t debate?"

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