Inslee 'smashes' voter-approved equality laws---Getty Images
Inslee 'smashes' voter-approved equality laws---Getty Images

Basically saying the original citizen-approved I-200 didn't go far enough, Gov. Inslee has once again done away with something approved by voters.


23 years ago I-200 was signed into law by Governor Gary Locke after it was passed by voters. It contained a variety of equality measures, but some of the biggest included:

  •  Race, Sex, etc. Shall Not Be Considered in Hiring Decisions.
  •  Race, Sex, etc. Shall Not Be Considered in Awarding Construction Contracts or Contracts for the Purchase of Goods and Service
  •  Student Body Diversity is Encouraged. (in student education).

Each of these had a simple list of criteria and steps to be taken to ensure fairness.  The entire layout can be seen on one page.


Governor Inslee, also utilizing his new Office of Equity, has tossed away the previous requirements basically, replacing them with massive sweeping changes. Some of the language includes phrases such as these:

 "SHR (State Human Resources) will proactively address and dismantle oppressive practices in the workplace, and build new equitable systems to achieve a workforce that is representative of the diversity of Washington and practices cultural humility."

There's quite a bit to read in his Executive Order, but that statement is rather telling. Inslee said there will be reports 'due' by October of this year, with specific plans for how to implement these 'practices.'

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His language and Executive Order from December 2020 sounds very power hungry, as it contained the following language:

 "In December 2020, I declared Washington will be an anti-racist state, and committed to taking actions that hold our state to that commitment..."   It also went on to say  he proposed policies and funding that "reflect our dedication toward disrupting the harmful systemic cycle of racism and inequity."

No word if any legislative activity is being planned to reign in Inslee's recent actions pertaining to how actual laws and budgets will be affected by these policies.


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