Thursday morning during an 11AM press briefing, Gov. Jay Inslee hinted the two week Stay At Home edict might be extended.

He said (in part):

"The reason is, we simply cannot allow this virus to explode, It's crucial that we all maintain social distancing. ... It would not be sufficient to knock down this curve (in virus spread) for two weeks and then have it come roaring back."

In a message that West side media are already questioning as a lack of confidence and little reassurance to Washington residents, he also said:

"We shouldn't be within 10,000 miles of popping champagne corks on this,"We have a long ways to go. We are being smart and strategic in our state."

He also said while the state has received more personal protective gear for workers, more is needed. He also said more healthcare workers are needed and the state still lacks the testing capacity to truly determine the depth of the virus in our state.  He also said the virus is slowly but surely spreading to all areas of the state. He said:

"Whatever we are seeing in Seattle today we could be seeing in Walla Walla tomorrow, this order may need to be extended." 


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