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According to a report, Gov. Inslee says there is "optimism" over a drug bill fix stemming from the Blake Decision.

 Inslee says he met with legislators

During an appearance on a Seattle radio show Tuesday, Gov. Inslee said he believes there is optimism the legislature could come up with a 'fix' that will replace a drug bill that expires in July.

Inslee told KIRO Radio:

“So I meet just about an hour ago with legislative leaders to nail down a date [for a special session.] I think there’s cause for optimism and getting a bill,”

The bill in question was a stop-gap fix from the Blake Decision. In February, 2021, the State Supreme Court decriminalized drug possession, including heroin, coke, meth, fentanyl, and other narcotics.

The legislature passed a temporary bill making such possession a misdemeanor on the third such arrest. However, that bill expires at the beginning of July, and during the  2023 legislative session, the Senate and House failed to pass a bill that would keep much of that in place. Republicans had wanted more 'teeth' in the bill, a gross misdemeanor, but that amendment was rejected.

Without directly saying he was immediately calling the legislature back for a special session to address Blake, he told KIRO:

  "I think we have reason to believe we can accomplish that this year. ”

If no new bill is created and passed, come July, there will be no penalties for drug possession in WA state (within the mandated amounts from the Blake Decision).

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