Drug items found in Richland (RPD)
Drug items found in Richland (RPD)

You have likely heard of the Blake Decision, which in 2021 basically decriminalized drug possession in WA state. This Supreme Court ruling vacated or did away with, tens of thousands of convictions dating back years.

  Blake Decision has led to an explosion of drug activity in WA

Long story short, a person cannot be seriously charged for just having possession of certain amounts of drugs, whether it's meth, fentanyl, cocaine etc.  Richland Police announced on Monday, February 20th, they are hoping a pair of new city codes recently passed will help in reversing this trend.

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According to Richland Police: (via news release-Facebook)

"The Richland City Council passed RMC 9.09.010 which criminalizes the public use of controlled substances and RMC 9.09.020 which makes it illegal to knowingly dump, throw, deposit or discharge onto the ground or into any body of water any dangerous drug and/or its paraphernalia.

People intentionally using any dangerous drug in a public place will be arrested and booked into jail. Dangerous drugs include methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, etc."
As for what is considered a public place? Let's let RPD define it for you:
"....defined as an area generally visible to public view and includes any place where the public has a right of access such as sidewalks, parking lots, streets, alleys, highways or roads, public buildings and grounds including parks, schools, playgrounds and meeting halls. It also includes establishments to which the public is invited such as restaurants, theaters, stores, gas stations and bars."
  Despite the Blake Decision, and the 2021 police 'reform' laws (regarding pursuits etc), these codes will allow Richland, and other cities that have utilized them, to push back against this rising tide of drugs and crimes.

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