Gov. Inslee has whittled down his wish list for the special legislative session in Olympia.

The agenda that once included abortion related insurance issues and gun control has been changed.

While Inslee says it's a matter of priorities,  others are saying he will probably stay away from gun control for at least this year,  partly due to the overwhelming rejection of several controversial gun control measures.   According to the Washington Times, he will probably remember as well why he lost his Congressional seat during the 1994 mid-term blowout in Congress.

In a scenario similar to the TEA Party led blowout of 2010,  Inslee (who formerly represented the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla area) lost his seat during the Newt Gringrich-led GOP sweep of Congress during the Clinton Administration.  He then moved to Western Washington, ran for Congress and served in the House before quitting to run for Governor. Part of the reason he lost was making all the "wrong" votes on matters of gun control.

A number of states are passing their owns laws that may not trump federal gun laws in the long run,  but send a strong message to Washington that gun control is not something that will be easily tolerated by the public.

Former Washington D.C. prosecutor Jeffrey Scott Shapiro wrote in the Times:

“States may not have a legal basis for enforcing the new nullification laws, but technically they are right that any attempt by the federal government to disregard the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Heller or MacDonald is unconstitutional and should not be enforced. For once, I’m inclined to side with the states on this matter — at least in spirit, since I know many of the federal laws being proposed by the Democratic Party are unconstitutional.”

He inplies that Inslee take heed of what these other states are doing.   While Inslee and his office stress focusing on the budget deficit, transportation projects and drunk drivers are the biggest priorities,  one cannot help but wonder if his backing off on gun control is a result of his past, and the obvious push-back by citizens who won't give up their 2nd. Amendment rights.

While several controversial - and probably unconstitutional - gun related bills died quickly in the Washington legislature, the group Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) has said they will attempt to get a gun-control bill before voters in 2014.

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