Despite constant travel and campaigning (out of state as well, costing taxpayers money for his WSP security detail) Gov. Jay Inslee appears to be one of the candidates left outside the arena when it comes to the first big Democratic debate.

As we creep closer to 2020, there will be a series of nationally televised debates, just like in 2016.  Both parties will start with big fields, accomodating as many candidates as they can--depending upon demand.

But it appears Inslee will not make it.  According to, and other sourcers, Inslee is still polling BELOW the minimum 1% national recognition and data to allow him to participate.  The rules state a candidate must receive donations (campaign contributions) from at least 65,000 people, and poll at least 1% in order to guarantee a spot on the stage. Inslee doesn't have the poll numbers.

He's not the only one. Have you heard of John Delaney or Marianne Williamson? Neither have we. But considering he's one of 50 governors in the U.S. and a darling of the environmental movement, this is rather embarrassing.

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