Gov. Inslee opened his Thursday press conference with some remarks, much like has he had done prior, concerning racial issues. The conference was listed as focusing on COVID testing.

Inslee said "we are laying bare social injustice" regarding the protests and events in Seattle, Bellevue and around the state.  He also said there has been "progress in eliminating cases of police brutality.'

Moving onto COVID-19, Inslee said, regarding the Federal Government, in April, they "reluctantly stepped up" in helping supply testing supplies.

Now the focus is on testing, Inslee and Secretary of Health Wiesman stressed heavily that anyone who even thinks they have COVID symptoms needs to be tested. Wiesman listed a myriad of symptoms, ranging from loss of taste, to chest or lung tightness to upset stomach and intestinal issues.

He also mentioned that 7 counties, including Garfield and Whitman, are poised to enter Phase Three in COVID recovery.

He also cautioned about the upcoming fire season, and said it's estimated, according to state officials, that it will take longer and be more difficult to fight fires due to COVID restrictions and protocols.  

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