Gov. Inslee's press conference was centered around the prison riot that occurred at Monroe's Correctional Facility.

Apparently inmates rioted or displayed behavior going against social distancing, after some were found to be positive for COVID-19.  Officials say this was isolated, they've had no problems with inmates in Walla Walla or Coyote Ridge or other correctional facilities.

He also, along with the director of the State Prison system, said they are considering with non violent (specifically mentioned drug offenders) being possibly released early, if they are within 60 days of release anyway. This would be done to clear crowding, and allow social distancing in correctional facilities.

Inslee also put out thinly veiled complaints to Federal government for PPE supplies and even swabs, in the face of news reports of the emergency hospitals set up at various sites being taken down because they were not needed.

He then opened up to questions from reporters, and did not offer any updates on private industry, re-opening any areas of business or other public facilities. He did issue yet another stern brief lecture on following Stay at Home.

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