Inslee press conference (TVW)
Inslee press conference (TVW)

Inslee opened his press conference by praising the judge in Spokane who struck down the mask-business limitation challenge. He said the business in Chelan County who were the focal point of the lawsuit challenging the mask and other business restrictive orders will now be fined by Labor and Industries.

Inslee claimed state health officials now believe the virus is spread through social situations, gatherings etc. Inslee rolled out several charts, reportedly 629 new cases per day.  He said the angle of attack-rate of climb-near where it was in the beginning.

Inslee says too many individual citizens are "simply not exercising the caution" necessary to arrest the virus. Inslee also claimed some hospitals around the nation are having to bring in refrigerated trucks to deal with deceased persons.

It appears to have gone from masking up to open up, to now blaming social gatherings.

Inslee said social gatherings of 5 will remain for counties for counties in Phase 1.5 or two, and for counties in Phase 3 will be limited to 10.

He also said there is a ban coming Monday on live events-entertainment. However, spiritual gatherings, weddings and funerals will NOT be impacted by this, for now.

Inslee then lectured citizens about what social gatherings should look like. He said limiting the number of persons even doesn't always ensure safety.  Inslee then rattled off a list of activities that he says are dangerous:

  • backyard barbeques, picnics, dining in a restaurant, birthday parties are now dangerous.

Inslee claims these innocent social gatherings are causing death in WA state. He also addressed what he claims is surge in COVID cases in younger persons in our state. He claims we are seeing an explosion of this pandemic among younger generation, and he cherry picked a few examples of healthy younger persons who died, although they are far from the norm.

Inslee said if people do not adhere to masks and social distancing, he said there could be another rollback to stay at home.  Sounded very much like a threat.

He said he wants schools to open, and restaurants to open, etc if we abide by these simple principles. He also claimed July 4 weekend was at fault, among others, for the supposed surge.

Health Secretary John Wiesman said schools, in person schools, are threatened unless we reverse the trends.

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