Gov. Inslee spent the beginning of his press conference Thursday slamming President Trump with strong words about voting by mail, claiming it "improves Democracy" and is safe and secure.  He called Trump's possible idea for delaying the election a "hallucination."

He went on to list off a series of what he said were accomplishments in this area. He did acknowledge if someone is worried about losing a ballot in the mail they can utilize a county auditor's drop box.

He said he was informed by Suzy Levine of ESD that claims filed as far back as March that required adjudication would be finished up by Friday 7-31. He attributed it to new computer "systems" and help from the National Guard.

He also pushed for his Contact Tracing program. At the 11:23 mark he said he wanted to assure to people that Contact Tracing persons would not be disclosing any information that could be used to identify said person, he said even subject to the Public Information Act.  However, he still did not mention why people who are reached out to by a Contact Tracer are not told who reported them as being possibly exposed.

On the issue of schools, he said COVID 19 will "affect us for some time to come," said he would address it soon.  More to say it in a few days, was his remark. He mentioned how "we" had set up laws and provisions and requirements to ensure safe in school classes.

Around the 15:15 mark he addressed his pause on Phases and said that delay will continue.  He said masks are becoming the norm. He called it very heartening. In fact he seemed more pleased about mask wearing  as opposed to actual numbers. He appeared to be giddy about it.

He said citizens need improvement on the social sides. According to survey data (he did not disclose where he got this data) he said birthday parties, barbeques etc. and said citizens are not using masks enough.

He closed by saying "we are not in this alone,.."   He said we are in a temporary situation, and we know we can "make this work," just before taking questions. It seemed to be a rather off the cuff, blithe, insincere attempt to reassure worried citizens.

The AP reporter asked him if  the state had a backup if Congress is not able to extend the $600 unemployment package, he said he hoped Senate (GOP) resistance would crumble, and took shot at them about masks a while back, calling them "chicken little" and now they favor masks.

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