Many citizens are wondering why there hasn't been a widespread effort to recall Gov. Jay Inslee.

Now, there's one brewing.  The private Facebook group Washintonians to Recall Jay Inslee was started around January 12, and is already up to over 9,400 members.

Oregon has tried recalling Gov. Brown twice, but the most recent effort in 2020 fell several thousand votes short of making it onto the ballot.

We're not aware of any significant long-term effort to replace Gov. Inslee, who was just elected to his third (and final) term. With just over 3 years left, there's plenty of time for organizers to get it moving.

To find out more about this group, click on the button below. Remember: it's private. Perhaps someone you know will invite you to join. Like many groups these days, it's being done in part to protect the members. Doxxing and trolling has become commonplace on so many activitist sites--both conservative and liberal.

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