Because it's his pet project, and most important to him, Gov. Inslee unveiled his climate change plans Monday.


Inslee, in his latest plan to try to make himself the greenest governor in the US, plans to target natural as and fossil fuels, especially in the building industry.

One of his bullet points reads "Decarbonize the Building Sector."  In the last two years, we've seen an all-out assault on natural gas for both residential and commercial buildings. In fact, information from the Tri-Cities Homebuilders Association indicates the Governor is bent on removing natural gas as an option for homes and businesses, such as restaurants.

He also wants to dump millions of dollars into 'retrofitting' existing structures that he believes are inefficient. He also proposed a costly rebate program for zero-emission vehicles. He has even targeted motorcycles with this rebate program (from his website)

  •  $7,500 for new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)
  •  $5,000 for used BEVs and FCEVs
  •  $1,000 for zero-emission motorcycles and e-bikes
Electric car fire from battery (youtube still image)
Electric car fire from battery (youtube still image)

As to oversee it all, he wants to create a new Office to enforce these plans. Like he did with social justice and the Office of Equity, Inslee is proposing a new Office of Climate Commitment Accountability.

The office, says Inslee, will be tasked with :

(it will) "...align and strengthen existing climate laws, rules, and policies; prioritize funding to reduce emissions and address climate risks; and comprehensively engage overburdened communities."

It does on for another paragraph.  We've included a link below to see this plan for yourself, if you're considering building in the future, or want to know what the Governor wants to do to gas and heating prices, then this is a must-read.


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