Governor Jay Inslee unveiled his three "Advisory Groups" for his Safe Start in Washington State.

Of the four Phases you may have heard of in re-opening the economy and businesses, we're in Phase One.  The advice he will get will reportedly come from these three Advisory Groups listed below, along with their 'goals': (verbatim from his plan website)

  • Public Health and Health Care System Community Leaders Group 
  • The Public Health and Health Care System group will look at broadening testing efforts, preparing for a second wave and preparing for treatment or vaccine distribution
  • Safe Work and Economic Recovery Community Leaders Group 

  • The Safe Work and Economic Recovery group will advise on recovery plans, guidance for maintaining health standards during re-opening and assistance to Washington’s workforce.

  • Social Supports Community Leaders Group

    The Social Supports group will offer perspectives on the increasing need for social services because of the COVID-19 pandemic, including food security and safe shelter and housing. It will look at recovery through an equity lens to defend the state’s most vulnerable and make sure that every Washingtonian is part of the recovery.

The three groups total 26 people from various "stakeholder" groups around the state.

Phase One is on now, Phase Two possibly in a couple of weeks, then Three and Four. It is not known how long these "Advisory Groups" will be in place for decision making.

Many business leaders/owners have looked over the Phase proposals and fear the process may be too slow to allow them to re-open in time to recover from losses already sustained so far.

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