Gov. Inslee began his Wednesday press conference by "praising Washintonians" for their social distancing efforts, saying people are "bending the curve."

He laid out a complicated two part program for moving towards re opening and returning to normal life.  After social distancing, there would be a "fire brigade" approach where people who exhibit the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 could call medical authorities and be immediately tested, and if necessary, quarantined to prevent spread. To do that, he insinuated, would require a complicated sounding team approach, which appeared would take some time to assemble.

So, once May 4 arrives, the state will see if they think we're at a point where perhaps some limited opening could occur, but would seemingly require this 'fire brigade' team plan to be in place.

He said we have a lot more to do before we reach a transition point.  He said we are expanding our testing and other factors. He talked about issuing executive orders to help protect seniors and at risk people, and helping hospitals.  He mentioned the Gates Foundation doing research.

However, he said we are not at that transition point.  He wishes he could tell us when that is.   The distancing order is in place through May 4.

As for job loss, he went straight to health insurance, skipping over employment and business.  He took this press conference as an opportunity to 'push' the state's 'Obamacare' programs.

He completely ignored any discussion of private sector re opening any industries, no discussion of looking at which businesses could be at least partially re-opened, and he did take a moment to take a partial 'shot' at President Trump as for who decides when states will re open.

He, near the close, urged people not to be afraid to ask for or receive help. But his example was a poor choice of words. He said, for example, if you're an elderly person and concerned about going grocery shopping, ask the teenager next door to help, or go for you.  He said "they've (the teenagers) got lots of time on their hands."   Considering the state is the one who closed the schools, and these teens cannot reasonably look for a summer job, perhaps not the best choice of words...

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