Thanks to Gov. Inslee's "hit list" of business he and his administration think are going to pollute by allegedly exceeding carbon emission standards, costing nearly a 1,000 workers their jobs. But he'll probably counter with an idea for some sort of government retraining job building solar panels. But I digress.

Alcoa, the aluminum giant, announced this week two plants, one in Ferndale on the west side, the other in Wenatchee, are going to be idled while the company decides what to do next.

According to the Governor's climate experts, the two plants would have to spend over $2.8 million dollars annually to purchase carbon, or pollution, credits so they could continue operating.

Alcoa, according to the Washington Policy Center (WPC), has weighed a number of factors, including international competition, and yes, regulatory certainty. That means Inslee's carbon tax policy. It actually has it's roots in a bill that was passed years ago with the idea of reducing carbon emissions to certain levels by 2020. It was done back when many were on the global warming bandwagon, before counter science disputed the myth of man-made global warming.

Climate change is happening, but not in the way environmentalists and Inslee believe. So now, Alcoa will idle the plants, hundreds of workers are losing their jobs, and Inslee will continue to blather about how he wants to the "greenest" governor in history.

The WPC politely put this way:

 "The Alcoa announcements show the high cost of assuming we can keep piling taxes and regulation on top of manufacturers without paying the price. If the governor's climate regulations are implemented, we are likely to see more such announcements."

We put it this way:  If Inslee wants to bankrupt the state at the cost of becoming the greenest governor ever, then he will will forever have it on his conscience he ruined the state's economy...that is, if he has a conscience in the first place.

Perhaps he might think twice if he had to try to sell his policies in front of the people who's jobs he's destroying.