At first glance, it could seem like 'just' another drug bust in the Columbia Basin, which unfortunately is not that uncommon. It's a well known fact the Interstates and highways leading into our region serve as corridors for drugs. But this one sounds like something right out an episode of Miami Vice.

Authorities, including the DEA, are closely investigating the arrest of two Canadian citizens, who were caught with 35 pounds of drugs worth more than $350,000 street value last Friday morning.

Authorities say around 9:15am, a small single-engine plane landed at the Sunnyside Airport, and taxied over to a car where a man and woman were waiting. Somebody from the plane handed them a bag, after getting off. The plane apparently took off and flew away.

Officials tailed the vehicle after it fled the area, and finally made a traffic stop. A 24-year-old woman from Burnaby B.C. and a 52-year-old man from Vancouver were arrested, and forced to surrender their Canadian passports.

The drugs included 7 pounds of meth, 23 pounds of coke, 5 pounds of heroin, or fentanyl, which is a powerful narcotic. The two remain in custody and officials believe they are part of an international drug organization.  The investigation continues.

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