It's aimed at teens, but in a state where pot is legal, it just seems funny that mixed messages are being sent. Basically, we adults end up looking like BIG FAT hypocrites.

The Washington State Department of Health is not allowed by law to take "political" or lobbying positions on policy, laws, or elections. However, they are allowed to present their opinions on policies and other areas where health is a factor.

The WSDH from the get-go was opposed to legalizing marijuana in the state of Washington. Now, they're getting ready to launch a teen-emphasis campaign, which will target youth ages 12-17 about the dangers of recreational marijuana use.

According to the official kick off release:

"The Listen2YourSelfie campaign taps into the popular activity of taking “selfies” to demonstrate the health risks posed by using marijuana while brains are still developing, as well as how using marijuana can derail personal goals and opportunities.
“We’re committed to keeping all of our young people safe and healthy,” said Secretary of Health John Wiesman. “One way to help create the healthiest next generation is to educate about the risks of marijuana and empower our youth to make healthy choices.”
Guided by research conducted with a diverse group of youth across the state, the campaign features youth putting school, sports, extracurricular activities, friends and family ahead of marijuana and empowers them to “Remember what’s important. Forget marijuana.”

The Health Department believes there are health related issues coming from pot use, and point to a variety of studies done that show teens who use pot often experience issues later down the road.  CNN in 2014 published a report about how pot use as a teenager can result in higher suicide rates, depression, less likely to graduate or get a GED, and they're more likely to abuse other drugs as an adult.  Their results came from a study performed by researchers in New Zealand and Australia, and mirror similar studies done in the U.S. and Europe.

The  campaign will begin immediately. It's ironic that in a state where the adults legalized recreational marijuana, the State Health Department is urging teens not to become drug users, because it will lead to issues as...and adult.  Hmmm.   Nice way to send mixed message to our kids.  Do as I say, not as I do?


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