It won't be that long before we start seeing water in the irrigation canals of the Mid-Columbia.  While it may not seem that big a deal, here are some important tips homeowners need to take care of.

Courtesy of the Kennewick Irrigation District: "Irrigation customers (regardless of the district you may be in) need to take a few steps to avoid spring and summer watering problems.

*Check your riser, and or valves for freeze damage. If you have questions, call the KID at 586-9111 ext. 2 if you have questions about this, and any potential repairs.

*Be sure your valves, or spickets (faucets) are closed.   The water may come on at any time once the irrigation systems are charged, and should it happen while you're not home,  a flooded yard could await you when you come home!   (every year, the KID, CID, and other districts report people forgetting this, and hundreds of gallons of water is all over their yard).

*If you have automatic sprinkler systems,  check any above-ground valves, gauges and piping.  Hopefully, you remembered to have your system blown out prior to winter to avoid any freezing pipes that can crack once warmer weather arrives and water is delivered.

*Irrigation bills will be arriving soon.  For the KID,  first assesment is due by April 30th.   KID also has new systems in place that will allow online payment.  See more at   If you have questions about your assesment, simply call your irrigation district now, and they will assist you with any and all information.

*For the KID,  you will start to see water in the canals on or around March 27th.  Water will probably be available shortly after April 4th, up through the 18th.   the KID website, and websites of other irrigation districts, have maps showing approximately when water will be available.

For more information, click on the appropriate irrigation district to view their website."

Kennewick Irrigation District

Columbia Irrigation District

Roza Irrigation District

Benton Irrigation District