The Grant County Sheriff's Office and Grant County Fire District 5 say two people are likely alive today because they were wearing lifejackets.

   People's boat capsized on Potholes Reservoir Saturday night

The GCSO says Saturday night, two people, one man and a woman in their 40s were in a small boat on O'Sullivan Lake-Potholes Reservoir when the craft capsized.

First responders were called to the Perch Point Resort alongside the lake after the couple came wading out of the water. Rescuers transported them to Samaritan Hospital for treatment of mild hypothermia.

The two were believed to have been in the water for at least 90 minutes, but thanks to their life preservers, and other PFDs or personal floatation devices, they were able to paddle and swim to shore.

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The GCSO says given the cold air and frigid water temperatures, it is not likely they would have survived.  The GCSO and rescuers say even in warmer daytime weather, everyone who is out on any body of water, especially well offshore, should wear a life jacket.

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