According to a report on the website Gas2,  GE and GM have signed a "deal" that will essentially force GE employees to drive Volts for company use.

In laymans terms (cutting through the corporate lingo) GE employees who opt out of the Volt program will NOT be compensated for business travel expenses or other transportation costs related to workGE just signed a new deal with GM to replace most of their corporate vehicles with 12,000 Volts and other hybrid vehicles.   Employees who choose to go with the Volt will be compensated for public and private charging and fuel costs.  GE will be spending tremendous amounts of money to install the necessary charging stations for these vehicles, but claims in the long term it will save them money.   This new program was outlined in a memo sent to members of the GE Healthcare Americas team, and the memo was leaked to the press by way of  Green Car Reports website.

  This new arraingement is starting to cause ripples in the automotive industry, as GM has already been under fire for "crony capitalism" with the controversial Obama bailout (where citizen private shareholders virtually lost all their investments and the money went to the labor unions)   and GE is still under fire for having paid NO Federal income taxes in 2010.   Like so many other "options" the Federal government-and Obama Administration-are dishing out,  citizens have a choice, but choosing their own way is going to cost them more money.

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