This won't help Chevrolet in their efforts to get the public to buy the Volt, it's new 'electric' car.

Fox News reporter Eric Bolling, who is part of the feature called "The Five,"  recently test drove a Chevy Volt for a few days and his report was less than stellar. Bolling, who with Neil Cavuto anchors Fox Business segments, was recently very hard on the Volt in his business appraisal.  He went to Chevy and asked them to let him demo drive the car with an open mind. Bolling reports that the car consistently ran out of charge between 20-24 miles of electric use -- and this after two nights of charging the car for over 12 hours.  He also reports it ran out of juice in the Lincoln Tunnel. Fortunately, the car has a gas engine that will kick in when needed, so he was not stranded. Watch "The Five on Fox" discuss his adventures. Some of the panel members said GM is selling the car on the "Girl Scout Cookie" mantra: you don't buy the cookies because they are affordable and delicious, you buy them to support the Girl Scouts. They said you buy the Volt not because it's a great car, but because you want to help the environment.

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