Saying they needed to maintain "proper inventory"  GM officials have announced they have temporarily halted production of it's electric car, the Volt.

The delay will last five weeks, and 1,300 workers have been laid off during the stretch.   Chevrolet said they want to make sure they maintain proper inventory and meet demand.   The Volt has come under fire from critics for it's post crash test battery fires, and GOP leaders claim Obama is pushing the car because it's part of the GM bailout, and one of his "pet" enviornmental projects.  Critics say the reason the car is not selling as expected is because the public is not interested in being told they have to drive that car, and it's price has been found to be prohibitive,  most selling for around $40,000.   GM officials said they did not build the car to have it be a political punching bag.   Usually, in automotive circles, unless there is a serious production or design issue that needs to be fixed, a company does not stop making a certain model unless it is not selling well.

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