Due to concerns over some crash test fires, some Chevrolet dealers are refusing to take inventory of the new Volt model.

According to Auto News Magazine,  some dealers are awaiting the final resolution of the NHTSA investigation into three post crash test fires that occurred involving the vehicle's battery pack.  For example 14 dealers in the New York City market were slated to receive a total of 104 of the cars;  the dealers only accepted 31.   In Clovis CA, a dealer who was one of the more successful sellers of the Volt turned down all the cars offered in December and January.  But some experts say it isn't just over the crash test fires.  While GM says the cars are safe, and necessary modifications have been made to the battery pack area,  these auto experts say the initial interest in the car has dropped off.  Automakers and experts are viewing closely sales of the Volt, and it's top competitor, the Nissan Leaf, to gauge whether the public is buying into the idea of an electric car. Several other manufacturers plan to release electric vehicles, or EV's later this year.