A group of drivers participating in a road rally were ticketed for speeds up to 117 mph in Eastern Oregon Tuesday.

The Oregon State Police and Grant County Sherriffs report a group of about 20 drivers were making their way from Las Vegas to an unknown destination as part of what was called The Bullrun Rally.  According to the Bullrun website, the drivers were not 'racing' but attempting to find the shortest driving distance between checkpoints in the rally.

  But apparently they didn't get the memo about not racing.  OSP and Sherriffs received numerous complaints about drivers whizzing by them at dangerous speeds.   Four of the drivers on Highway 26 were cited for speeds between 92 and 117 mph!   One driver was cited two times because he sped away from  the first pullover and was clocked again at 88 mph.  OSP and Grant County officials began to look for the drivers after getting reports and citizens complaints from the Idaho State Police and Nevada State Patrol.  

  According to the OSP,  20 drivers and support vehicles made their way through Eastern Oregon Tuesday.   No comment or official words were issued by the organizers of the rally.  The website claims the rally will be broadcast on MTV.   Judging from pictures on the website, we're not surprised the drivers got nailed for speeding.  Looks like something right out of Fast and Furious.

According to a Bullrun Rally facebook page, courtesy of Wikipedia, the inagural event began in 2004, has included a number of celebrities, and was once broadcast on Spike TV.  There have been, or are, rallies that are filmed on TV, and others that are not.  The ones not on TV tend to have more participants ticket for speeding.  Our slide show pictures the four guys who got popped for speeding.