It's a debate that goes on nationwide, maybe even worldwide.

Peeps, yes. Or...Peeps, NO! I'm NOT a fan. Never have been. I remember the yellow, marshmallow treats being stuck to the lively, green Easter grass in my beautiful, colorful basket that the Easter Bunny left me. No, I am NOT a FAN of Peeps! Are Peeps the most hated candy?

I do know that many LOVE receiving Peeps in their Easter basket.

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My friend, Kim Wagner, loved eating Peeps! Some people worship Peeps. There are special recipes for Peeps. There's even a Peeps website.

However, did you know, there are people who really hate them?


Yes. There are people who deem Peeps the worst. I really wouldn't waste a post about such a subject, if I wasn't so passionate about it. I hate Peeps so much because I once had to cram so many of them into my cheeks to beat a co-worker in a competition for the most consumed. I've seen all the videos about what Peeps can do in a microwave. There are just so many things you can do with Peeps. I think I've had my fair-share of Peeps.

You may LOVE Peeps. They can be amazingly delicious in moderation.

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I don't want to ruin what can be a perfectly enjoyable time with a delightful candy.

I overdid my time with Peeps over the years and wish my introduction to them had been better. I will always remember old, yellow Peeps stuck to the green grass of my Easter basket. Peeps to you! Happy Easter!

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