Yakima County's K9 Simcoe continues to shine in catching bad guys.

It was truly a nail-biting situation on Thursday morning, as Wapato Police Found a stolen vehicle within their city. The suspect intentionally crashed into the officer's patrol vehicle, then sped off. A pursuit began.

The Wapato Police officer requested assistance from Yakima County's Sheriff's Office.

Yakima County Sheriff's Office
Yakima County Sheriff's Office

Of course, the Sheriff's Office was happy to  oblige, and offer assistance. They'd love to catch another criminal. The stolen vehicle was found empty in White Swan, stuck on railroad tracks.

Yakima County Sheriff's Office-Facebook
Yakima County Sheriff's Office-Facebook

The Sheriff's Office notified White Swan High School immediately of what was happening, and the school immediately went into lockdown. For the safety of the students, school buses were re-directed until the lockdown was lifted.

Yakima County's K9 Simcoe was brought to the scene and the search was on!

K9 Simcoe, with the help of his skilled chauffeur, was quickly able to locate the dangerous suspect. The suspect was detained and arrested on the spot.

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Things could have turned out differently. The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is fortunate to have an active k9 program in place.

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