According  to a WARN Alert from the WA State Employment Security Department, and other sources, Penske Logistics is cutting 125 jobs, including some in Benton City.

 Penske jobs lost due to beer distributor absorbing trucking duties

Yahoo Finance and other sources report the Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification, or WARN Alert, indicates 125 jobs being cut in Auburn, Arlington,  Spokane and Benton City.

"According to data from the National Labor Relations Board, there are at least five  workers affected in Benton City. According to Yahoo:

A company spokesman confirmed the layoffs are tied to Republic National Distributing Company. The beverage distributor has elected to handle the trucking and warehousing work Penske currently provides, it said.

The layoffs also affect locations in Auburn, Arlington and Spokane."

The Benton City  workers will have a different type of settlement because  they are unionized.

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The cutbacks are said to begin March 31st.

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Penske is working with Republic to ensure the affected workers will be able to apply to work for the company.

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