According to information about a financial assessment of Franklin County that was released by the Franklin County Sheriff's Department, the county is facing some significant budget shortfalls soon.

   The county had an assessment done of their financial situation

According to the Franklin County Financial plan that was released following a study conducted by consultant Clark Worth, the overall health of the county shapes up like this;

  • "things are OK for now, but concerns about the future
  • revenues are not keeping up with population growth, reserves are depleted.
  • salaries are not competitive, leading to costly turnover
  • financial policies are needed"

According to the FCSO information, there is a future projected shortfall of one-third of the law enforcement and court budget, which amounts to 15 percent of the total budget of $50 million dollars.  According to the FCSO, the study indicated:

"Clark Worth presented a range of options, from proposing new sales taxes or selling county assets to less impactful measures such as aggressive grant-seeking. The county is urged to consider a 911 communications sales tax, enhance financial policies, and adopt long-term planning practices. The absence of clear policies has previously resulted in solutions that may burden the county with larger bills in the future."


Franklin County Financial Plan (courtesy of FCSO)
Franklin County Financial Plan (courtesy of FCSO)

Some of the recommendations made to the county include pursuing all possible financial solutions, "including sale of the HAPO Center and surplus property."

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To find out more about this financial assessment of Franklin County, click here.


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