(Kennewick, WA) -- Two boathouses are destroyed, with three others damaged from a fire just off the Clover Island Yacht club around 7:30 this morning. Fire crews from Kennewick arrived on scene to find heavy flames and thick black smoke billowing high into the air from the blaze, of which the cause is still under investigation. Pasco Fire Department was called into assist with their fire boat so crews could fight the fire on the water. Kennewick was able to move an aerial ladder truck just off the river so they could spray water on the flames.

An Environmental Concern

At least one boat was destroyed from the fire and there is concern for a chemical leak, as there was marine fuel present. The Department of Ecology has been called to the scene to assess the situation. Fire crews lowered a containment boom into the water to try and contain any spill. The fire is said to be under control at this time. No one was hurt. In addition to the heavy smoke and flames, crews had to battle slick conditions getting to their firefighting positions.

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