Deconstructing is already being used in a number of cities around the US, including Portland, and now it's likely coming to Tacoma.

  City Council, leaders plan to make a final decision May 22

According to The Center Square, deconstruction is similar to demolition for old unused buildings, except they are at least partially dismantled before being razed to the ground.

According to The Center Square:

"Deconstruction of buildings is also known as the systematic disassembly of a building for reuse. This differs from standard demolitions by offering a wider range of benefits including lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced waste disposal and less stormwater pollution."

The resolution they are looking at would require them to study, consider and possibly adopt the practice.

It's already in place in Portland, OR.  All buildings taken down that were built before 1940 have to be deconstructed.  The process strips a building of all or most of its potentially reusable materials including wood, mortar-bricks and glass. metal etc.

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City officials believe the practice will attract more green development. Green or not, some cities back east say it's more practical to deconstruct because it means less garbage ends up in their landfills. As for the cost, according to information presented to the Tacoma City Council and officials, typical building deconstruction can run anywhere from $8 to $16 per square foot, while outright demolition is usually between (national averages) $4 and $10.

The city plans to finalize the options and make further decisions by May 22nd.

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