(Everett, WA) -- The jury selection phase of the murder trial of a Kennewick man accused of shooting and killing a Everett Police Officer last year is underway. The selection began Tuesday inside a Snohomish County Superior Courtroom.

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The suspect, identified as Richard Rotter of Kennewick was apparently approached by Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha in the parking lot of Starbucks there back on March 25, 2022, after Officer Rocha saw Rotter transferring guns between two cars. Rocha began asking Rotter what he was doing, ultimately learning Rotter was a convicted felon. At which time, police body cam footage shows, Rocha tried arresting Rotter, but a confrontation ensued.

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This ended, police say, with Rotter opening fire and shooting Rocha three times. He then allegedly ran Rocha over with his car while fleeing the scene. Police caught up with Rotter after he crashed that same car. Rotter, 51-years-old has pleaded not guilty to murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture or deliver. It was in January of last year that Rotter's attorneys asked a judge to move the trial out of Snohomish County, where the shooting happened. The were concerned over the ability to get a fair trial. The judge denied the move. Jury selection is expected to last throughout the week.

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