The Washington State Department of Health reported Thursday, October 20th that school-age child vaccination rates are flat.

    DOH included some data that perhaps explains why

According to the DOH, part of their statement, from Jamilia Sherls-Jones--Director of the Office of Immunization:

“Vaccines remain the single most important public health strategy for keeping communities safe from many communicable diseases that can lead to disability and death, We review vaccine data to monitor trends, identify opportunities for improving completion rates, and recognize gains.”

The DOH says rates remain flat:

  • "Washington state’s K-12 immunization completion rate for the 2021-2022 school year was 91.7%. This rate has remained steady for the last two years."

However, one graph of data they released is very telling as to why perhaps these rates are not rising:

  • "The data show the number of students with at least one personal vaccine exemption is going down, while the number of students with at least one religious membership exemption is going up."

Especially on the heels of COVID, it appears there is reluctance among certain elements of the population with school-age children about getting vaccines.

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To find out more about DOH immunization numbers and data, click here. 

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