Just like Joe Biden did the other day when he pledged to try to codify abortion at the Federal level if Democrats can control Congress after the mid-terms, Gov. Inslee has similar plans.

   Inslee says he is working on Constitutional Amendment to make abortion rights permanent.

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Inslee, speaking Friday, October 21st. at Western Washington University, said he plans to introduce the amendment proposal. According to KING-5 TV, and other sources, Inslee said:

"Washington was a pro-choice state," Inslee said at a press conference Friday morning. "Washington state is a pro-choice state. We intend to make it a constitutional amendment to ensure Washington state will always be a pro-choice state.”

“This right needs to be enshrined in the basic foundational document of the state of the Washington.”

He also attacked the GOP in his address:

“Washington state needs to stop this Republican attempt. Not just this year, not just next year but every year.”

A Constitutional Amendment requires at least a two-thirds vote by both chambers of the state legislature, instead of a simple majority like most legislation. Then it must also be approved by voters. Via You-Tube, Inslee's address can be watched below.

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