Inslee, legislators and 'faith' leaders pledge to fight for abortion (gov Inslee's office)
Inslee, legislators and 'faith' leaders pledge to fight for abortion (gov Inslee's office)

Last Friday, Gov. Inslee, and several legislators and 'faith' leaders assembled at a church in Federal Way to announce more pro-abortion measures in WA state.

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According to Rep. Drew Hanson (D) by way of Inslee's office:

"Rep. Drew Hansen previewed a sanctuary policy that will help protect patients from states like Texas or Idaho from being punished for lawfully seeking and receiving legal health care services in Washington state."

And another new plan was unveiled by Rep. Tara Simmons (D):

"Rep. Tarra Simmons discussed a bill first introduced last session that would prevent erosion of choice due to health care consolidations. Large, private health care organizations have quickly acquired competitors, leading to long waits, fewer choices, and new restrictions for gender-affirming care and reproductive health care."

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According to Inslee's office, he and the legislators were joined by over a "dozen" faith leaders who gathered at the Wayside United Church of Christ in Federal Way. According to his release:

 "Amy Johnson, a minister at the church, assured Washingtonians that she and many other faith leaders embrace people considering abortions, LTBTQ+ people, and people seeking gender-affirming care."

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