When will your irrigation be turned on?

The Kennewick Irrigation District is using technology to help make knowing when your water for irrigating will be turned on thanks to a new digital map.  The Water Status map will help keep you informed on the status of your water and also any outages that may be in the area.  The map features differently colored parcels and each one indicates a status. (Water Status Map Below).


The Kennewick Irrigation District has issued a key to help folks know what their irrigation status is.

Blue: Irrigation service is available and ready for use.

Yellow: Irrigation service is currently in standby. Standby means irrigation service is not yet available for your area or is off for the season. Our map is on standby all winter.

Green: Irrigation service is currently being tested within the system in preparation for the water season.

Red: Irrigation service is currently in an outage. An outage means that an issue was reported. In order to assess and/or repair the issue, service to the area needed to be turned off. See below for more information.

Common Outages Feature

The map also features a common outage feature with a list of possible outage reasons.


Common Outages:

Mainline Repair: A main line is the primary or “main” distribution pipe in KID’s system. It is the pipe that goes from our pump station to the KID irrigation service on your property. Mainline breaks are our highest priority as they tend to affect large areas.

Valve Repair : Branching off a KID mainline or distribution pipe are smaller pipes we refer to as service lines. Service lines typically end with a KID valve on the customers’ property, either above ground or below grade in an irrigation box. These valves indicate the division point between what is owned by KID and what the customers’ private sprinklers system is. These valves are often susceptible to freeze damage if not properly winterized. If water becomes trapped inside the valves, it will freeze and expand causing the valves to crack or split.

Pump Repair : Irrigation pumps are used to pressurize the irrigation water to your sprinklers and are the heart of most irrigation systems. Typically, maintenance or pump repair may include lubricating or changing bearings, unplugging the pump suction, or replacing seals to ensure water tightness.

Private Repair: An irrigation system in a private line area (PLA) is not owned or operated by KID, instead it is maintained by the homeowner(s) themselves. KID simply delivers the water to its access point. If an issue is reported in a PLA, it is the responsibility of the homeowners to have it resolved, either through an outside contractor or themselves.

Find the Water Status Map Here

Water Status Map Link

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