(Kennewick, WA) -- A fire on a fryer inside the kitchen of a McDonald's restaurant located off Kennewick Ave and Highway 395 Friday morning could have turned much worse. That's because Kennewick Fire Department says a group of quick thinking employees at the restaurant were able to snuff the fire before it got out of hand. Fire crews say by the time they arrived, all that was need to be done was to do clean-up operations. The Kennewick Fire Chief says the quick work by the employees probably meant the restaurant could stay open. If the fire had escalated, the restaurant would have most likely have had to have shut down while repairs were made. No injuries were reported.

HA! These out-of-state driver comments on using NJ jughandles are pure gold

Quick-witted responses to a frustrated driver who posted about having to navigate a New Jersey jughandle.

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Six Museums To Check Out in Montana

Love history, art, or dinosaurs? Montana has museums statewide that are perfect for any interest. The next time you are traveling through the Big Sky State, you should check out one of these amazing museums.

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