Last Friday, Seattle Police received a 911 call from a man saying his 17-year old daughter told him someone with a wooden stick was trying to break into their home.

According to the Seattle Police blotter, authorities arrived at the home around 11:30 am on the 8400 block of 5th Avenue Southwest.  Officers attempted to make contact with the young woman, but say she was too afraid to answer the door. Police then heard loud banging noises coming from inside the home, and fearing for her safety decided to breached the front door.

The male suspect was quickly located inside the homeowner’s vehicle in the garage. The suspect was armed with a hammer and was also holding a gas can. When asked to exit the vehicle, the suspect began drinking gasoline out of the container.

As officers gave commands for the suspect to exit the car, he refused and continued to quaff more petroleum. Of course, the consuming of gasoline was considered to be life-threatening and was also creating a potential hazard for all parties involved, police broke the driver side window and removed the man from the vehicle.

While the suspect did resist officers as they pulled him from vehicle, he was eventually taken into custody. Once in custody, officers found the female victim on the second floor of the home and escorted her out to safety.

The 40-year-old unnamed suspect was arrested for residential burglary and booked into King County Jail. There's been no report as to his condition after consuming the gasoline.

You can enjoy the ridiculous video right here.

The violent crime rate for the City of Seattle has increased from 729 per 100,000 people in 2021 to 736 per 100,000 in 2022 (the most recent statistics available at this time). 2023 is also on track to far surpass the number of overdose deaths in the Seattle area, standing at 884 by July, compared to 1,001 all of last year. While overdose deaths aren't a certain indicator of overall drug abuse, it is still a harbinger of the continued problem Seattle is facing.

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