Here's 10 Reasons We Love The Seattle Seahawk Cheerleaders

It wouldn't be a great NFL football game without the Seattle Seahawks Dancers. As much as we love the action on the field, we also love the energy and enthusiasm that comes from the sidelines.

By Anthony Quintano - Flickr: Super Bowl XLVIII (48) New York New Jersey, CC BY 2.0,
By Anthony Quintano - Flickr: Super Bowl XLVIII (48) New York New Jersey, CC BY 2.0,

Do You Realize That The Seahawks Dancers Will Come To Your WA State Event?

As the Seattle Seahawks season kicks off, the team roster always gets lots of media coverage but what about the Seattle Seahawks Dancers? I thought it would be fun to give you 10 reasons why we love our Seattle Seahawks dancers.

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I'm sure you are wondering what happened to the "Sea-Gals" moniker. Since 2019, the Seattle Seahawks Dancers have added men to their cheerleading roster. The male dancers are one of only six NFL teams that allow male cheerleaders. The goal is for the cheer squad to reflect the popular Blue Thunder drumline.

Here's our top 10 reasons we love our Seattle Seahawks Dancers:

10 Reasons And Gorgeous Pictures On Why We ❤ Seattle Cheerleaders

Check out 10 reasons we love our Seattle Seahawks Dancers as the new NFL season begins

As you can tell, we are pretty excited about the new season of football and of course, we wouldn't be the best 12's if we didn't salute the Seattle Seahawks Dancers and all the hard that they do.

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