It looked like a sight from a movie, and the ending is incredible.

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NOT a movie, but a terrifying real-life dangerous situation for one motorist turned into a life-saving moment for the lucky driver. The unbelievable incident happened on westbound I-82. As the woman was traveling, she noticed the vehicle wasn't driving right. As she pumped the brakes, she quickly realized they weren't working.

How did she get the vehicle to stop?

The woman was able to drift off the road in the vehicle just west of the Toppenish exit. As the vehicle made its way down the embankment, the woman was able to jump out of the car before it came to rest, igniting the area brush into flames.

I cannot imagine the adrenaline this woman must have experienced. An unbelievable nightmare, realizing you have no brakes. I wonder what went through this heroic woman's mind. Seeing this posted on Twitter from WSP Trooper Chris Thorson will definitely have me brake checking more often. I'm happy the driver is ok.

What should you do if you discover your brakes aren't working? [Howcast]

Stay calm. Pull over to the side of the road and pump the brakes. Shift to a lower gear and then apply the emergency brake. That's why it's there. For more details, check out How to stop a car with no brakes, courtesy of

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