Miracle Rescue Saves Stranded Puppy On Busy Highway In Washington State

His nickname was Frogger but something great happened to one little scared dog stuck in traffic on Saturday, May 7th.


Amazing Feel-Good Rescue Miracle Right Here In Washington State

On a busy Saturday, anything is possible on the roads of Washington State. Luckily, Washington Department of Transportation worker Brandon, part of the Incident Response Team, jumped in to save a furry four-legged friend that accidentally wandered onto a dangerous highway.

Here is the incident as posted by Washington State DOT on their Facebook account:

On Saturday, May 7, one of our amazing IRT drivers, Brandon, got word from the Washington State Patrol of a dog running loose on SR 520 between West Lake Sammamish Boulevard in Redmond and 140th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue.

Drivers stopped on the highway trying to rescue the pup, who was running frantically in the shoulder. Luckily, Brandon got to the scene quickly and stopped traffic to wrangle up the furry friend, who he appropriately named Frogger.

Although the dog, who we later learned is actually named Maggie, was understandably scared with all that was going on, she eventually relaxed and was relieved to be in the safe and calm hands of one of our first responders.


State Patrol later arrived to pick Maggie up and take her to a nearby shelter, where we heard she was later reunited with her family.

Talk about a close call and what a sweet happy ending. A big shout out to WA DOT worker Brandon for saving the day. Maggie and her family are now reunited 😍

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