The Wishing Star Foundation is back in Tri-Cities this year with more baby goats to spread Springtime cheer and raise funds for wish kids. The Wishing Star Foundation has been granting wishes since 1983.

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This is your chance to send a baby goat to unsuspecting friends, family or businesses and make them smile! And you’re also helping raise money for the Wishing Star Foundation which grants wishes to local children who are terminal or battling a life-threatening illness.

The goats are provided locally by Granite Acres in Benton City. The fundraiser will run from April 10th through April 14th.

How much does it cost to send a goat?

A $75.00 donation to the Wishing Star Foundation via the order form is how you will place your in-person baby goat visit order for delivery to your recipient. The recipient can provide a donation during their visit or can pay to send the goat to another person as part of our week-long fundraising event.


Today, The Wishing Star Foundation is looking for Goat Wranglers and volunteers to assist with the fundraiser. Volunteers are in great demand and essential for the Wishing Star Foundation to operate. If you're interested in being a Goat Wrangler or would like to volunteer in another position, go here.

Keep watching to send your friends a goat and help raise funds for the Wishing Star Foundation. It's a wonderful way to support a great organization and spread smiles.

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