Car cut up to get driver (MLPD)
Car cut up to get driver (MLPD)

No word on the extent of injuries, but one driver had to be extracted by Moses Lake Fire Department using the jaws of life.

  Head-on crash on SR-17 collects a third vehicle Wednesday morning

The Moses Lake Police Department says a Wednesday morning crash near the intersection of State Route 17 (SR-17) and Stratford Road left traffic snarled for several hours.


Head-on crash in Moses Lake (MLPD)
Head-on crash in Moses Lake (MLPD)

Around 9 AM a vehicle headed south had crossed over the centerline and struck a northbound vehicle head-on. From the MLPD photos, it appears a pickup was involved. MLPD says after the crash, which occurred at the railroad crossing on SR-17, a third vehicle could not avoid the wreck and hit one of the original two.

Two people were taken to an area hospital, and the driver of the red car (see picture) had to be cut out with the Moses Lake Fire Department Jaws of Life. Northbound SR-17 was closed for over an hour, and southbound was reduced to one-lane travel.

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 Despite the wreck and conditions, another driver sped by at 50 MPH

The MLPD reported shortly after they arrived and were assessing and working the scene, a young woman traveling in the single open lane came up on the scene at an estimated 50 MPH, missing officers and workers by only a few feet, then beyond the crash scene began to lose control on the slippery roads. No word if she actually spun out. MLPD says despite the three wrecked vehicles, fire trucks, flashing lights and numerous officers and rescue personnel, several other drivers also drove too fast through the scene.

Road conditions all over eastern WA are not going to get any better, so slow down.

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