Last year The U.S. District Attorney for Eastern Washington and Pasco Police Chief Robert Metzger asked the Department of Justice to examine it's practices and technical assistance to improve community relations. Monday, August 22, their report was released. The request was made three months after the fatal shooting of Antonio Zambrano, who was fatally shot after throwing rocks at cars, passers-by and police near 10th and Lewis in Pasco. It was later learned he was high on meth during the incident.

The Department's COPS program, or Community Oriented Policing Services, released a report with the following points:

  • Better train officers in the use of force
  • Actively recruit a workforce containing more Hispanics and women
  • Increase the number of officers fluent in Spanish
  • and Promote police-community relationships to improve what the Department called "credibility in the Spanish-speaking community."

COPS Office Director Ronald Davis said he commended Chief Metzger and the Pasco Police Department for "stepping forward to enhance community policing efforts and taking steps to rebuild the community's trust following the shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montez."

The entire report can be accessed by clicking here.

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