K-9 law enforcement dogs are pretty tough customers, why would anyone ever tangle with one?

Monday at Larsen Air Force Base near Moses Lake, Grant County Deputy Nic Overland and his K-9 named Chewbacca tried to apprehend a wanted drug suspect. 27-year-old Irbin Martinez Santacruz. He was spotted sitting on a car, he was wanted multiple felony drug and escape related charges.

When confronted by Chewbacca, Santacruz ran, then jumped on top of a truck sitting in the middle of a nearby intersection. Chewbacca raced up to the roof, clamped onto the suspect's arm, pulling him off balance and sending him tumbling down to the ground--all while not releasing his lockjaw grip.

Overland was able to then subdue Santacruz, who decided having his arm chewed off by Chewbacca was not an option he wanted to pursue. He's in the Grant County Jail, and Chewbacca lived up to his name.

Police-Sheriff dog 1, suspect -0-.

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