A bike and a truck collided near W 4th ave and S Rainer street in Kennewick which lead to the arrest of one participant.

The photo is a bit dramatic but it does show the danger bicyclist face when they are hit by a moving vehicle.

According to a Facebook posting from the Kennewick Police Department, here is how the incident went down:

On 03/10/21 at about 7:00 PM, Kennewick officers responded to a truck vs bicycle accident at W 4th Ave and S Rainier St.

The investigation revealed that Dana Miller (58) was headed southbound on S Rainier St, crossing W 4th Ave. As he crossed the intersection an E-bicyclist was proceeding west on W 4th Ave past S Rainier St. Miller and the cyclist collided. Medics transported the cyclist who luckily ended up with only superficial injuries.

The officer continued to interview Miller. During the interview, the officer observed signs of possible intoxication. A DUI investigation took place and Miller was booked into the Benton County Jail for DUI

I'm glad the rider wasn't harmed in the altercation and the driver of the truck now arrested and facing charges.

I once had a friend who was out riding his bike and he wasn't paying attention and rammed right into a police car on the side of the road. He was rushed to the emergency room and later was ticketed for not paying attention while riding on his bicycle.

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